We’re launching a monthly party in Union Square this December. SPEKTRE is our offering to the greater Boston electronic music community. We’re not going in for the huge-flashy-rock-show EDM thing that’s happening right now. Instead we believe in keeping the focus on the music, the people who create it, and all y’all who love to gather, dance, connect, and unwind to some good techno and house music, without all the epic-face-melting-rager-glow-stick hoohah. We want SPEKTRE to be a place where people who really care about and know about electronic music can come together once a month to share music, ideas, connections, and a good dance party.

SPEKTRE launches on Friday the 13th of December at Bull McCabes in Union Square. We’ll have top-notch crisp sound and lights from Singer Productions, and we’ll be featuring sets from Boston’s own Alex Russo, connetICON, and we’ll do a set of some new Beta Ghosts music somewhere in there too. We hope to see you at the first SPEKTRE, and at all our events until the end of time.  -Beta Ghosts

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